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6GHz band for 5G: The Opportunities for Society

6GHz band for 5G: The Opportunities for Society

Timing webinar: Tuesday September 8 2020, 1 p.m. CET

The deployment of 5G will bring large benefits to mobile services and users over the coming years. Allocating spectrum in the 5925 – 7125MHz band for 5G-NR and its evolution is a critical building block making it economically feasible to offer 5G services at a price point that is affordable to all income groups.

Starting with the existing trends and anticipating further evolution in the longer term, this webinar elaborates on the importance of making more spectrum available for IMT as an essential means to achieve the 5G vision in developed and developing markets. It considers the fact that the 6GHz mid-band spectrum represents a very strong candidate band for this purpose.

Topics addressed in this webinar will include:

  • The requirements for 5G drive the need for IMT spectrum
  • Estimating spectrum requirements in the context of 5G
  • 6GHz band for citywide speed coverage
  • The role of the 6GHz band outside cities
  • IMT identification versus unlicensed use of 6GHz spectrum
  • Sharing with incumbents at 6GHz band

This webinar will feature a panel discussion joined by Regulators, Operators, Vendors and third parties, flanked by an open discussion about 6GHz

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