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HUAWEI Golden Snap

HUAWEI Golden Snap

Now available on the Huawei P40 and P30 Series

Let’s take a look at HUAWEI Golden Snap, an intelligent photo-editing feature now available on the latest P40 and P30 Series as well as on the newly launched P30 New Edition, with EMUI 10.1. Here, we’ll be demonstrating it on the P40 Pro.

The HUAWEI P40 Series offers the most advanced camera system that we’ve ever created, thanks to our unique Ultra Vision Leica Camera system. The camera includes our SuperSensing Zoom, pro-level cinematic features and the largest sensor we’ve ever created.

With Golden Snap, we’re giving you all the photography tools to take the best shot, even if you only have one fleeting chance to capture it.

Golden Snap is comprised of three different parts. AI Best Moment, AI Remove Passer-by and AI Remove Reflection.

To use AI Best Moments. Click on the camera icon and enable ‘Moving Picture’, which you can find in the top left hand corner of the screen. Then tap the shutter. Next, open the photo in gallery and hit edit. Along the bottom panel, you’ll see the selection of frames taken from the 4K moving picture.

This is where intelligent photography comes into play, as the smartphone uses AI to analyse over 90 facial features and over 30 different postures to select the best shot from the moving picture. You’ll really see the benefits of this feature when taking shots of moving objects or peoples’ faces, especially as the P40 Pro’s main camera sensor is the world’s first to support Full Pixel Octa PD Autofocus, resulting in greatly enhanced focus speed and accuracy.

To use AI Remove Passer-by. Again, open the camera icon and enable ‘Moving Picture’. This time when you go to edit the image, you’ll see on the bottom panel there is an option for ‘Remove passer-by’. You’ll see that the accidental passer-by can now be removed from the frame, like this. This is because the P40 Pro has again collected scene information before and after the shutter has been pressed and using HUAWEI’s unique AI algorithms, can intelligently remove the passer-by from the background.

For AI Remove Reflection as before, enable ‘Moving Picture’ once the camera icon is open. This time when you hit edit, select the ‘Remove reflection’ option from the bottom panel. You’ll see that the AI algorithms have again compared and aligned the before and after frames of the shot you’ve taken to remove any unwanted glares from the image, giving you the clear photo that you had originally wanted.

I hope that’s given you some insight into Golden Snap, now available on the P40 and P30 Series.

Erwin Van der Weerden Marketing Director Belgium-Luxemburg, Huawei






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