Huawei Web Summit Masterclasses Empower Developers to Grow Apps Beyond Borders Through AppGallery

Huawei Web Summit Masterclasses Empower Developers to Grow Apps Beyond Borders Through AppGallery

Huawei, the largest smartphone provider in China, will continue to empower global developers to expand their apps beyond borders and tap into its lucrative and ever-growing app market in the upcoming #EmpowerInnovations masterclasses happening during the annual Web Summit.

The summit is the world’s largest technology conference and will be live from Lisbon from 2- 4 December 2020.

Huawei will feature heavily during the series of online masterclasses and will provide global developers and partners with updated and valuable insights on HMS ecosystem development, vertical industry solutions, business success stories, as well as latest updates on HMS Core.

The sessions are part of Huawei’s commitment to help developers innovate and unleash their potential in expanding their apps to every corner of the globe.

“We want developers to succeed in bringing their apps to more audiences through cross-border expansion and partnerships,” said Mr Wang Yanmin, President of Global Partnerships and Eco-Development at Huawei Consumer Business Group. “The #EmpowerInnovations masterclasses hosted by Huawei during the Web Summit looks to provide developers with the right skills, insights, and tools to approach new global markets and to access the lucrative Chinese market.”

Top industry experts and Huawei executives share insights to #EmpowerInnovations

The masterclasses bring together experts in app development and cross-border expansion from various industries, such as from research firm CCS Insight, mobile financial services provider Moven, rewards platform Lootboy, retail chain Lenta, as well as Huawei key executives to share their insights and experience in global app expansions and business partnerships.

Huawei #EmpowerInnovations Web Summit Masterclasses schedule

Growing Apps Beyond Borders: A Pathway to Success

Wednesday, 2nd December, 13:30 GMT

Session highlights: Many in the mobile application sector regularly ask, ‘How do you get an app to take off in the lucrative and ever-growing app market?’ Take a deep dive into AppGallery and explore more opportunities.

Key speakers:

  • Sami Qasem, Global Head of Content, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • Ben Wood, Chief of Research, CCS Insight

Partnership for financial inclusion

Friday, 4 December, 13:30 GMT

Session highlights: The finance industry is rapidly changing as tech creates opportunities. Partnerships are crucial. Huawei shares insights on the status quo, and thoughts about what is required for continuous success.

Key speakers:

  • Siri Borsum, Global VP Finance Vertical Ecosystem & partnership, Huawei
  • Brett King, Best Selling Author of The Rise of Technosocialism, founder of Moven and Host of the BreakingBanks Radio Show

Grow in China, Win with AppGallery

Friday, 4 December, 16:30 GMT

Session highlights: In this session, Huawei releases its White Paper on Global App Development in China, giving advice on releasing apps in China, and offering insight into user acquisition and monetisation.

Key speakers:

  • Ilya Fedotov, Head of Global Partnerships & Eco-Development Communication, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • Gavin Kinghall Were, Global Head of Business Development Solutions, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • Sami Qasem, Global Head of Content, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • Tan Xuanmo, Senior Legal Counselor, Huawei Consumer Business Group

Explore the changing world of e-commerce

Friday, 4 December, 17:30 GMT

Session highlights: The ecommerce industry is experiencing growth. In this session, industry experts and ecosystem partners discuss lessons learned, challenges, and the opportunities for upgrading UX created by new tech.

Key speakers:

  • Peter Gauden, Head of WEU Ecosystem Marketing
  • Gavin Kinghall Were, Global Head of Business Development Solutions, Huawei Consumer Business Group
  • Andrew Kuschel, CEO, Lootboy
  • Dmitry Bogod, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Lenta

Huawei Web Summit masterclasses starts from Wednesday, 2 December, with registration through the following link to secure limited seats:

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